Toyota Spots During the Super Bowl will Focus On Fathers, Family

The Super Bowl is about a lot of things: Fierce competition, athletic superiority, indulgent party food, and quality family-time, among others. It’s also a time for companies to try and make remarkable and otherwise memorable commercials. This year, Toyota will be airing spots that reflect the Super Bowl’s reputation for bringing families together, all under the theme of “One Bold Choice Leads to Another.”

As a lead-up to the game, Toyota will release online videos that center on the father’s role in the family, highlighting fathers “who have contributed to their families’ lives in bold ways.” One of these online videos, entitled “To Be A Dad,” features retired NFL quarterback Kurt Warner paying homage to his own father. Warner says, “He was my biggest fan. He always felt like what I was doing was the most important thing.”

As far as the Toyota spots during the Super Bowl, they will air a pre-game ad on game day called “How Great I Am,” featuring paralympic athlete Amy Purdy. The automaker’s campaign will reach its zenith during the 2nd half of the big game, in a piece about “Bold Dads.”

toyota spots during the super bowl

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