Toyota Named Most Reliable Car, Among Other Accolades

Toyota may be overachieving. Just a wee bit. First of all, the Toyota Camry was named the best-selling car in America. Also, the Scion FR-S was named one of the Most Fun Cars To Drive by Consumer Reports. And that same publication claimed that Toyota produces the most reliable cars on the market. All in the same month of October!

Torque News explains how the Camry managed to achieve top sales. For one thing, the car comes “in a wide variety of flavors,” from “economic versions for homeowners” to “fleet buyers.” There is a very peppy V6 version, as well as a very popular hybrid. Bottom line, the Toyota Camry “meets the needs of more buyers than its peers.”

Additionally, reliability may be what Toyota is most known for. So it comes as no surprise that Consumer Reports voted Toyota as most reliable car brand, as many models from Toyota and Lexus topped their segments in reliability.

Consumer Reports also called the Scion FR-S one of the Most Fun Cars To Drive. This puts it in the same company as the Mazda Miata and Porsche Boxster (though it comes for a much friendlier price). The FR-S is RWD, features a 6-speed manual and is much more affordable than many other cars in this category!

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