Christmas Gifts for Your Car

Christmas Gifts for Your Car


While Christmas is still a few months away, it’s never too early to start shopping for your gifts. When it comes to Christmas shopping, the car is usually the last thing people think about, if it’s on their list at all. Check out these awesome Christmas gifts for your car recommended by us here at Lancaster Toyota.

Floor Mats

Carpet floor mats are nice, but they don’t hold up well with water, snow, and road salt. That mixture can quickly ruin your car’s floor mats. Fortunately, all-season floor mats are made of rubber and can withstand most natural substances that you might bring inside your car. Best of all, they make spills easier to clean up since most rubber floor mats have grooves to trap liquid.

Splash Guards

A clean car is always nice to look at, but winter tends to have other plans. Road salt, debris, and snow can quickly make a shiny car into one that hasn’t been washed in months. Fortunately, splash guards can help keep your car tidy by keeping dirt and debris in the wheel wells.

Heads-Up Display

Did you know that Garmin® offers a head-up display (HUD)? The safety feature projects a plethora of information right onto the windshield. The vehicle’s speed, outside temperature, and navigation are just a few perks you can access via this technology.

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