Toyota Sales of Hybrid Vehicles Top 7 Million Globally

Over 7 million hybrid vehicles are bringing their owners increased efficiency and decreased costs of operation. Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) passed this remarkable sales milestone in September, reaching a number we couldn’t even have imagined back in 2000 when the Prius first debuted.

The last million units were sold in a record nine months.

“Hitting the 7 million mark represents our customers’ recognition of the benefits of Toyota and Lexus hybrid vehicles,” said Bob Carter, senior vice president of Toyota’s automotive operations. “The appeal of excellent fuel economy, driving dynamics and the quality of our vehicles combined with our dealers’ dedication to customer service makes Toyota the undeniable leader in hybrid technology.”

Between the Toyota and Lexus brands, Toyota sells 27 hybrid models and one plug-in hybrid around the world. By the end of 2015, the automaker will have added 15 new hybrid models between this year and next.

With Toyota sales of hybrid vehicles at an all-time high, if you still haven’t jumped on the hybrid bandwagon yet, it’s time to stop by Lancaster Toyota and see what the buzz is all about. After all, 7 million Toyota hybrid fans can’t be wrong!

Toyota sales of hybrid vehicles

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