Basic Tailgating Tips

Basic Tailgating Tips

First-time tailgaters probably aren’t going to get every little detail right. You can, however, reduce the amount of problems you encounter along the way. Check out these basic tailgating tips from us here at Lancaster Toyota.

Park Wisely

Try to avoid tight parking spaces that won’t be able to accommodate the grill, cooler, and other gear. While all of that will easily fit in the bed of the Toyota Tacoma, it isn’t likely to make your neighbors happy as you unpack.

Instead, try to get a parking space next to a grassy area or near the end of the row. Getting a well-located spot is the key to having a fun time this tailgating season.

Meet the Neighbors

Being social is a major part of tailgating, so it’s a great idea to meet your tailgating neighbors. They can help you with problems, chat the time away, and trade grilling recipes that will make tailgating more rewarding than ever.

Clean Up

Leaving behind a mess is a quick way to earn a bad reputation. Make sure to clean up before you pack up and head home, especially if you plan on tailgating at every local football game. Take a trash bag to help remove trash from the parking space and surrounding area. Doing so will encourage others to follow suit.

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