Carpool Tips for Heading Back to School

Carpool Tips for Heading Back to School

School is right around the corner, whether you’re a parent of a grade-schooler or a college student heading back for the next semester. One of the most popular ways to save on gas as you get to school is carpooling. That’s why we at Lancaster Toyota have the top carpool tips for heading back to school.

According to SignUpGenius, there are a few important things to keep in mind when carpooling.

First, the goal is to get everyone to save money by buying less gas—try to restrict carpooling to your shared route and avoid errands and detours.

Second, make a fair schedule that either distributes driving responsibilities or pays cash to drivers.

Third, set the ground rules. The ground rules usually include things like the meeting time and car etiquette. For instance, decide how long you’ll wait if someone is running late. What happens if someone’s kid is sick? How will you communicate? You should also establish car etiquette. Consider who controls the radio/temperature, whether you can eat or smoke, and other things.

Finally, exchange medical information and always have an opt-out system. Medical info is important for safety purposes, but it’s something many carpoolers either forget or avoid discussing. If there is an accident, you may need to know about any allergies, medication, illness, etc. Don’t force people to disclose information, but try to get any information possible. You should also have an opt-out system for when the carpool ends (usually the end of the semester, quarter, or school year).

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