Toyota Yaris Redesign Will Take the Form of a French Makeover

With a new Toyota Yaris redesign, the subcompact vehicle is getting a more stylish look for 2015. The new model will be built in a factory and styled in a studio, both of which are located in France, giving the mini car new sheet metal and an updated interior that provide that certain je ne sais quoi.

The subcompact has also received a new hood, fenders in the front, and a streamlined grille, along with revamped rear taillights and tailgate. The interior includes noise cancelling insulation, high quality two-toned upholstery seating, and new audio and GPS programs. TheYaris’ newly found fashion sense will make it extremely competitive with other subcompacts like the Chevy Sonic, Ford Fiesta, and the Honda Fit just to name a few.

Yaris comes equipped with 106 horsepower engine, either a manual or automatic transmission, and a lighter body. Detroit Free Press reports that with an EPA fuel economy rating of 30 mpg in the city, 36 on the highway, the Yaris offers impressive efficiency for the price. You can get your own improved Yaris from us at Lancaster Toyota! Schedule your test drive today!

Toyota Yaris redesign

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