Fun Gadgets for Your Car

Fun Gadgets for Your Car

Fun Gadgets for Your Car

Gadgets for Your Car

Hitting the road can be uncomfortable, boring, and a little strange sometimes. Fortunately, adding a few items to your trip can turn things around. Check out some of these fun gadgets for your car, each of which is suggested by us at Lancaster Toyota!

Magnetic Phone Mount

Priced at just $11, the Magnetic Phone Mount offers drivers a way to keep an eye on their phone, even while it’s connected via Bluetooth. In a day where most phones are connected to stream music, offer hand-free texting, and take phone calls, odds are most drivers aren’t using CD players. Fortunately, that’s exactly where the phone mount sits, saving space in your vehicle while allowing you to keep an eye on whatever you may need.

Question Cards

Long car trips can get a little boring. Fortunately, Loaded Questions On the Go is a card game designed to remove boredom from the vehicle. The game features 200 questions, an answer and score pad, and two pencils. Designed to generate a few laughs, these question cards are bound to lighten the mood on any family road trip!

USB Car Charger

Most new vehicles come with a standard USB port that’s capable of charging smartphones on the road. Older vehicles, however, might lack the newer technology. What no vehicle lacks is a cigarette lighter. The USB Car Charger is essentially an adapter that allows drivers and passengers to charge their smartphones, even if the vehicle isn’t equipped with a standard USB port.

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