The Amish of Lancaster County

The Amish of Lancaster County Pennsylvania, America’s oldest Amish settlement, live a plain, peaceful way of life that has long been an important aspect of the surrounding area. Their plain clothing styles, horse-drawn buggies, and one-room schoolhouses give the Amish a distinct identity. This also helps to separate their way of life from the modern world. The following are a few fun ways to learn more about the Amish community and experience what it has to offer:

Amish of Lancaster County

By David Wilson from Oak Park, Illinois, USA – 20140525 040 Amish Buggy, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, CC BY 2.0,


Amish craftsmanship is well known for high quality and workmanship. Visiting Amish shops and markets offer a variety of indoor and outdoor wood furniture, exquisite quilts, and other crafts and handmade goods.


Homemade meals, sweets, and snacks alone would be reason enough to pay a visit to Amish country. Enjoy this delicious food at one of many restaurants and bakeries in the area or visit a farmers market to find fresh produce and flowers.


These primarily agricultural communities enjoy a life without most of the technologies commonly used today. Guided bus tours and Amish horse and buggy rides provide insight about the Amish community. They are also fun ways to explore the farms, windmills, shops and museums throughout the Amish countryside.
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