Prius Two Eco Named Good Housekeeping’s Best New Hybrid

Good Housekeeping isn’t typically a publication you associate with handing out awards to automobiles, but when it comes to making good decisions for your everyday life and for you family, they know what they’re talking about. The magazine included their 2017 Best New Car Awards in the February issue, which hit newsstands on January 17th, as a collaboration with the auto publication Car and Driver. In it, Good Housekeeping names the 2016 Prius Two Eco the Best New Hybrid.


Good Housekeeping and Car and Driver worked together to screen over 100 vehicles and narrow it down to a top 25. That top 25 list was then grilled even further through consumer input and 1,200 miles of open road and testing facilities. Cars were then rated in a number of different categories, such as value, handling, safety, comfort, design, and more.


The verdict? The reason why the Prius Two Eco was selected for the Best New Hybrid award is because, according to representatives from Good Housekeeping, it has great fuel economy as expected from a hybrid, a “sleek, futuristic design,” and saves drivers a ton of money. The magazine then went on to praise the innovations and improvements made to the Prius every year.

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