BMW and Toyota Collaborate on New Corolla Engine

BMW and Toyota have been keeping their partnership largely under wraps for the last year or so, only releasing enough info to tip insiders off to their collaboration on upcoming vehicles such as the Toyota Supra and BMW Z4 successors. However, recent information seems to suggest that that’s not their only project; Toyota and BMW may be working together to create a new Corolla engine for the next-generation Toyota Corolla.

The new engine would be engineered by BMW and, according to expert opinions, based on something like the BMW 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine or 2.0-liter B84 four-cylinder engine. Until we know more about the all-new Corolla’s powertrain and design, we won’t be able to make an educated guess on which it would be. BMW’s engine would likely be an available option of a range-topping trim level with more luxurious features than your average Toyota Corolla.

The current Toyota we all know and love will be getting a new Corolla engine.As of now, the rumors only address the new Corolla engine, though enthusiasts are hoping for word on more in-depth BMW involvement. It could be possible that BMW has a hand in developing the Corolla’s platform, suspension, and other elements of its design. However, that’s speculation at best, and fans of both brands are eagerly awaiting more information on the new model.

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