Toyota Explores the Application of Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Heavy-Duty Use

One of the most exciting areas of the automotive world is the research and development of alternative fuel sources. These new ways of powering our vehicles not only provide for a more efficient drive, but also for a cleaner and healthier environment. At the forefront of this research is Toyota, which has always been a leader in alternative fuel research. The Toyota Prius revolutionized what a hybrid vehicle could be, and then the Toyota Mirai explored the possibilities of the application of Hydrogen Fuel Cells. Toyota is now taking that technology to a whole new level.Hydrogen Fuel Cells Power The Toyota Mirai

According to a recent press release from Toyota, Toyota is exploring the application of hydrogen fuel cells for heavy-duty use. The hydrogen fuel technology in the Toyota Mirai has already challenged the way that the automotive world views alternative energy sources. Now Toyota wants to bring that technology to a whole other class of vehicles. The Toyota brand is currently exploring different means and methods that could be used to incorporate Hydrogen Fuel Cells into semi-trucks and other heavy duty vehicles on the road.

Stay tuned for more information on how Toyota is leading the way in a movement to find better way to fuel the vehicles that we rely upon.

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