4 Holiday Cookies to Bake


It’s the holiday season, which means plenty of festive music and celebrations to put you in the right spirit. But do you know what else can put you in the holiday mood? A big old plate of holiday cookies! At least it works for Santa. If you are looking for some sweet treats to whip up this December, check out these four holiday cookies to bake.

Family Decorating Holiday Cookies

Gingerbread Cookies

No type of cookie is perhaps more appropriate for either winter or the holidays than gingerbread. Whether it is in the form of a house or a man, gingerbread is full of festive flavors.


A cookie that is almost as fun to say as it is to eat, the snickerdoodle has long been a staple of desserts this time of year.

Peppermint Bark Cookies

Peppermint is another signature taste of the holiday season. This recipe takes festive flavors to a whole new level by incorporating it into the form of a cookie.

Sugar Cookies

When it comes to the holidays, nothing really beats the tried-and-true classic. That is why the sugar cookie is one of the most appropriate picks for the holidays. Cut it into a variety of holiday and other fun shapes to make them an even more joyous dessert this December.

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