Students to Create Fuel Cell Vehicles for Toyota Hydrogen Horizon Automotive Challenge

Toyota Mirai and the Toyota Hydrogen Horizon Automotive Challenge

The Toyota Mirai serves as inspiration for the Toyota Hydrogen Horizon Automotive Challenge!


Here at Toyota, we believe that investing in our kids is one of the best ways to improve automotive technology, supporting those who just might be the technicians of tomorrow. And to motivate these young learners, Toyota has partnered with Horizon Educational Group to create the Hydrogen Horizon Automotive Challenge.


This challenge will puzzle students in 20 different California schools between Los Angeles and Orange County and takes place after school, educating students in the fields of alternative fuel and climate change.


Together, the students will do their best to create a remote-controlled fuel-cell vehicle, which they will eventually race against each other. The Toyota Hydrogen Horizon Automotive Challenge will end with this race in March 2017.


According to Toyota, the students will deal with the “challenges and solutions Mirai engineers experienced” during the development of that vehicle, one of the first fuel-cell sedans on the market.


There’s no telling what these kids could create, and we at Lancaster Toyota are looking forward to the results. Hopefully, programs like these will grow in popularity across the entire country, producing the next generation of fuel-cell experts.


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