Toyota Sienna Named In Best Family Cars of 2016 Competition

Learn more about the Sienna, one of the best family cars of 2016

As one of the best family cars of 2016, the Sienna would be a great pick for anyone!

What makes a good family vehicle? and Parents Magazine should know. Good thing they recently joined forces to determine which vehicles were the Best Family Cars of 2016.

 The two journals pored over the automotive field, looking at a great number of different features they deemed important to families. Those features included: safety, fuel efficiency, comfort, price, reliability and ergonomics.

 After the smoke cleared, the 2016 Toyota Sienna emerged as the winner in the Best Minivan category of the competition. Parents Magazine explained the decision, “The endlessly roomy Sienna stands above its competitors for two reasons: It’s the only one with available all-wheel drive, and the especially user-friendly controls help you stay focused on the road.”

 Those user-friendly controls include the innovative Driver Easy Speak option. This feature helps saves the driver’s voice by employing the microphone from the voice-command multi-media system to play the voice through rear speakers.

 The 2016 Toyota Sienna was designed from the ground up to be a different, a better kind of minivan. Looks like and Parents Magazine think so too.

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