Toyota Introduces Highway Teammate, Next Step Toward Self-Driving Car

Toyota has introduced a new suite of technology called Highway Teammate that it believes will make having a person at the wheel largely unnecessary by 2020.

Highway Teammate uses a combination of cameras, LIDAR, and millimeter wave radar to get a complete picture of the road. Then it uses advanced software to process all of the information and decide whether to change lanes, merge, make a pass, take a corner, or simply maintain a safe distance from other vehicles.

Toyota is currently testing the technology on a modified Lexus GS and believes it will be able to launch a production autonomous vehicle in 2020, which would also use vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication to assess its surroundings. Just five more years and we might have a self-driving car at Lancaster Toyota!

Alongside the press release, it also released two informative videos about the technology that can make that dream happen. You can see those below.

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