Safety Technology Coming to All Toyota Vehicles

Research into automated technology for automobiles has led to breakthroughs in car safety. So, Toyota has chosen to use the safety technology to help all drivers, and plans to offer an advanced safety technology package on all Toyota vehicles by 2017.

Toyota plans to build a “pre-collision” package for its vehicles. Although the exact meaning of the phrase in uncertain, it will likely mean an automatic braking system, which is very effective at preventing collisions. Toyota will begin next year with some Lexus models.

Another form of preventive safety is remote sensing technology, which uses a laser and the reflections it returns to measure distances between the car and other objects and provide a view around all sides of the car. This technology shows proximity and improves mapping and GPS.

Although no official packages have been made known yet, we here at Lancaster Toyota are excited to see Toyota making strides toward a safer future for its cars.

safety technology

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