The Benefits of All-Wheel-Drive Keep on Giving All Year Long

Benefits of All-Wheel-DriveThere is light at the end of the tunnel, as they say. Spring is just around the corner, and soon we’ll be kissing cold temperatures and snowstorms goodbye. If the winter months had you thinking long and hard about jumping on the all-wheel-drive bandwagon, you may not want to sweep those thoughts under the rug just yet. As it turns out, the benefits of all-wheel-drive last all year long.

To put it simply, all-wheel-drive (AWD) vehicles employ a front, rear, and center differential which provides power to all four wheels as they need it to help the car maintain control. How the system works behind the scenes is a bit complicated, but AWD is hard at work all the time.

AWD provides increased control, grip, and traction under all road conditions – including snow, ice, rain, dirt, sand, and off-road trails. That means that your AWD vehicle can be a powerhouse during the snowy winter months, and can be an off-roading adventure machine during the summer. And don’t forget those April showers, when you’ll be infinitely grateful for that extra traction.

Besides being a practical choice, AWD offers sportier handling, and can be found on a broad range of cars. AWD, though often associated with SUVs, can actually be offered on a variety of car types, including vans and sedans.

Here at Lancaster Toyota, we want you to be prepared for any situation life throws at you. Stop by today to put the AWD Sienna and Rav4 to the test!

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